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The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Comedy Tour

Comedian and musician Shayna Ferm and her sidekick, Tracey Tee (aka MC Doula), have created The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Comedy Show and Night Out, For Once, filled with irreverent, parenthood-inspired comedy merged with music, prizes, and parental commiseration to sooth the souls of restless parents who need a night out. Live musical performances throughout the evening include songs like, “Eat Your F-ing Food,” “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad,” and “The Lies We Tell Ourselves.” Audience participation is encouraged with segments such as “Stump the Breeder” and the wildly popular "The Most F-ed Up Thing My Kid Did This Week," where moms write down the craziest thing their kid did recently and Shayna and Tracey read the cards on stage. 
The Bump is sponsoring the national tour starting on February 4th at Largo in Los Angeles.
The Bump Pump & Dump Validation Tour Dates:
February 4, 2015               Los Angeles, CA
February 20, 2015            Denver, CO
February 25, 2015            Denver, CO
March 12, 2015                  Tempe, AZ
March 18, 2015                  Denver, CO
March 25, 2015                  Denver, CO
April 16, 2015                     Chicago, IL
More dates are forthcoming
For an entire list of The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Tour dates and locations, visit 

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