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Bryn Cohn + Artists Dance Company presents Los Angeles debut: World Premiere of HOME + most renowned work to date SKIN May 6 & 7, 2016, Los Angeles Theater Center

Constructing fully realized worlds of risk, reality and fantasy by exploring the edges of physical and emotional boundaries, Bryn Cohn + Artists, the critically acclaimed New York-based contemporary dance company, make their homecoming debut in Los Angeles.  Comprised of unique collaborative artists BC + A will present a world premiere of HOME and the West Coast premiere of their most notable work to date Skin with two performances on May 6 and 7 at the Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC) located in downtown Los Angeles.

Presenting an imaginative and ferociously physical program, HOME is an interdisciplinary journey rooted in familial dynamics and the pursuit of physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of connection. Skin explores how to physically and metaphorically build a person in a continuous cycle of creation and destruction in response to social castes, gender, sexuality and political systems until the most authentic self is found.

HOME draws upon ritualistic and traditional processes to elucidate through interpersonal encounters, environments and the pursuit of self and collective understanding.Scenic design elements, such as commonly seen furniture, are interwoven into kinetic movement languages to portray the loss, challenge and celebration that occur within this family. Through continuously evolving structures that transform the space and the complex relationships developed amongst the performers, we come to understand that our concept of HOME is constantly shifting as we move through life. By examining utopian models of the “picture perfect” family in contrast to human realities, the work provides a lens into a universal concept that we can all access to reimagine and define our own notion of what it means to find home.

 is set on five dancers, each of whom abstractly represent a guest within the home. The original music by renowned composer Kevin Keller is contemporary classical intertwined with electronic music and rhythmic intensity and the lighting accentuates the sensitivity between the dancers as well as captivating structures and their transfigurations that occur throughout the evening. 

Skin investigates how we physically and metaphorically “build” a person in a continuous cycle of creation and destruction in response to social castes, gender, sexuality and political systems. Featuring six mannequins, Skin creates an immersive world onstage as the performers cultivate their own identities in juxtaposition to the empty and emotionless physical forms. Acting as voyeurs in the space, mannequins become part of our understanding of what it means to be human, observing the entire performance but lacking the ability to fully participate. This intimate and risk-taking journey strips us of our fabricated spectacle and leaves us bare, in our own skin, to reveal a sacred truth about ourselves in conflict and harmony with our world. 

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